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What I hate most about the Pirates

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    NorthSword et. al.,

    I admit Sven is one of the factions I absolutely despise. But only because I find him a nuisance and not a real threat. He is almost always hostile towards me b/c of my preference to run Wealth. But has no real ability to mount a creditable land based offensive. I'll let him have all the little ships he wants. Advent of D:AP and/or MMI he is considered an annoying fly that at somepoint needs to be swatted. ( I absolutely hate having him stand off the coast bombard terrain, the little baby can't even stand up and fight )

    His annoying little habit of building sea bases next ot your coast line is just fine by me tho'. As soon as I can build marines, all thsoe bases are mine, and no need for raising terrain. Altho' raising the terrain and building boreholes does have its appeal.

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      Og, thanks for your input on that. Personally, I despise Sven. For some reason, I can't master the art of playing him.. must be the mindset and the way he builds those bases. He really should have a -2growth just to keep those drones in check. Sheeze.

      Of course you can take them with Marines. Might even be worth it just to have some defense bases ala Vel's Doctrineefense. Personally, I would just wipe the idiot out for the satisfaction it gives me,


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        What really pisses me off is the way he declares vendetta and then won;t surrender. Even qwhen he is utterly outclassed and hasn't a hope. That really wicks me off as I end up with loads of tiddly bases to micromanage.


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          The only thing that peeves me about the pirates is that they always seem to hate me and they kill off my foils exploring the world . . . But i agree thay are little threat
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            They choke up all of Planet's beautiful oceans with their garbage bases. Svensgaard is definitely one of my least favorite leaders, too. He's arrogant and overbearing. When I see him I attack without mercy.
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              And he smells like fish...but I have a solution - X Needlejets, never worry about sanctions. It's all worth it!
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                There you have it, gents. The ultimate solution to Sven. GAS!