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    Originally posted by Shai-Hulud
    In any case, there are no single "key to defense", only strategies and none are superior from where I'm standing. Can't even remember when I've been beaten by AI. They have no strategy so you can really beat them hands down whether you have 10 or 50 bases.
    True, but would different stategies net different results in a in a MP game? I would say yes, but even then, the same strategy cannot always be used, as humans can learn valuable lessons from the enemy.
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      I have experienced a conversion! This powerful and mind-opening discussion has lead me to think differently. I have not only decided to alter my strategy but to change a way of life that has dominated my gameplay for years. More is better.
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        I don't know about at you, but I still get at least +2 nuts from a nutrient bonus even if a base is not on top of it. It may be "mid-game" by the time a farm and condenser is complete, but it's not like I'm behind at that point. 4 formers put a farm down in 1 turn and a condenser down in 3 turns. That square provides 7 nutrients. At that point you're getting +3 nuts from the bonus instead of +2. And nevermind soil enrichers, which increase the bonus effect even more. Proponents of "turn advantage" take note...