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atrocity, orbital defense and satellite

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  • atrocity, orbital defense and satellite

    I know how to edit alpha.txt file to disable pollution.

    How do I edit game rules so I could turn off atrocity, instead of voting repeal U.N. charter.

    I am not sure which is the function key for satellite view, (F7, F8??)
    anyway, when you press it, you can view Planet Alpha Centauri from space, and if satellites are built, there are little dots. What does this satellite view do anyway? just pretty views?

    do you get to see orbital defense kill off incoming planet buster if there is one?

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    I know nothing about 'turning off' an atrocity.

    I do know a thing or two about satelites.

    When you engage in satelite warfare you get to see the 'orbital attack view'. I have always engaged my ODPs at random, and I always have a lousy kill ratio.

    Some months ago, another poster suggested that the timing was key. He claimed that you had to wait until the enemy orbital was close, and that his technique yielded a great kill ratio. Unfortunately, (well, maybe fortunately ) I have not had it crop up in a game since this post, so I have not tested this. It would make some sense though, otherwise why have this screen?

    The manual suggests that your ODP will take out an enemy sat 50% of the time and does not mention timing your kill.

    If your ODP intercepts a nuke, you don't get taken to the satelite view. You don't even get a cool movie. Just a message. It is not even considered an atrocity to attempt but fail to nuke someone, so there isn't even sanctions against the offender.


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      how do you start a satellite warfare? in 1 year of gaming i've never fought in a satellite warefare

      btw, "satellites" are those +1 energy, nutrients, minerals to all bases, right?

      so in theory, if i have launched an orbital defense unit, go to orbital attack view, I will be able to kill other ppl's satellite. That is so cool I've got to try that.

      ps. I used to think the Hives are great because of +1 industry in general production, until recently I tried the Santiago, its +2 morale, and commanding nexus, she rocks.


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        I built a playtest scenario (Gaians versus University) each having some ten satellites.

        It's on the SMAX platform.

        You can download it and playtest it several times to put these theories into practice. It's a scenario, so use the *scenario* and *play scenario* game commands when loading.

        Get it at Rynn's Gallery:




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          so anyone else knows how do I edit game in order to disable atrocity?


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            You can disable the Base obliteration counting as an atrocity thru the alphax.txt rules:


            2600 ; Normal ending year for lowest 3 difficulty levels
            2500 ; Normal ending year for highest 3 difficulty levels
            1 ; If non-zero, obliterating a base counts as an atrocity
            10 ; Size of base for subspace generator
            6 ; Number of subspace generators needed

            However I don't know of any way of disabling atrocities completely. They are covered in concepts.txt, and the relevant extraxt is:

            {Atrocities} comprise a set of particularly heinous acts forbidden under the
            Unity mission's U.N. Charter. Simple Atrocities include use of nerve gas or
            genetic warfare, nerve stapling of civilians, and attacks against civilian
            populations (e.g. intentional obliteration of a base). Use of quasi-nuclear
            devices such as Planet Busters is considered a Major Atrocity.
            If you commit a Simple Atrocity, the other factions will likely impose
            commerce sanctions for ten or more years, depriving you of all trade with your
            Treaty and Pact partners. The faction against whom you committed the atrocity
            will probably remain your sworn enemy forever.
            If you commit a Major Atrocity, you will be expelled from the
            $LINK and
            all factions will pronounce $LINK against you.
            Simple atrocities committed between factions of different species (i.e.,
            the $LINK and humans) do not invoke the wrath of other faction leaders.


            This suggests that they are hard-coded into the .exe program



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              ops, i forgot to mention i also knew to how to eliminate atrocity caused by base obliteration using alpha.txt

              I have 6 or so orbital defense units, I really want to buster some of my annoying enemies.

              if i can't find one, i guess i will just have to use cheats and give myself more energy credits so i can buy votes.


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                F#&$ cheating, just drop the things on yer enemies without repealing the charter. It's much more enjoyable when they get mad about it, declare vendetta, and you teach them the error of their ways by pounding them into the ground.

                My rule of thumb is never attack an enemy that hasn't declared vendetta on me, be it by taking an act that causes a vendetta or by taking an act that doesn't but I think is an act of war. If an opponent does either, I squash them. This includes declaring vendetta because I dropped a nuke (especially when it's on their enemies too), encroaching upon my borders, moving CPs or Probes into my territory in while in a Pact, insulting me in a communication, and breathing on my GODD@MN PLANET. JUST WHO DO THESE OTHER FACTIONS THINK THEY ARE ANYWAY!

                *takes a deep breath.*

                Anyway, don't cheat. Just take the action and deal with the consequences. It can be a lot more fun, provided you find the possibility of dealing with 6 angry factions and overwhelming eco-damage response from planet fun.
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                  I have only gotten I a satellite war once against Gain when I was the Spartans. I ended up losing that war since Gian was able to crank out the ODP's ALOT faster than I. She destroyed all of my ODP's first, the began knocking down my NMS, Sky labs and energy labs. I had six busters at the time and 4 ODP's. She had 6 ODP's, so I thought I would go for it. I knocked down 4 of her ODP with my 4. I then tried to nuke her. She stopped all of my nukes. She stopped my first 2 with her remaining 2 ODP pods defensive strikes, which I expected. She stopped my second 2 nukes by sacrificing her 2 remaining ODP, which surprised me, my last 2 nukes were stopped by here Fletthette Defense systems in her bases. &^$%&%! That I did not expected. This activity did not count as an atrocity, but she pretty much decided to swam my little continent after that with all her worms and military. Pretty much shut me down in a hurry.
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                    haahahahahhahah it sounds exciting and frustrating.

                    is that a screenshot from the game?


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                      I have only gotten I a satellite war once against Gain when I was the Spartans.

                      Never was able to shoot satellites from my favourite enemies. Is this a SMAX only feature, or is there a trick (in the satellite view, F6 or so)?
                      Why doing it the easy way if it is possible to do it complicated?


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                        Originally posted by

                        is that a screenshot from the game?
                        Thats the pic that shows up in the pop-up message box when you shoot a sat down, or one of yours get shot down.
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                          Originally posted by Adalbertus

                          Never was able to shoot satellites from my favourite enemies. Is this a SMAX only feature, or is there a trick (in the satellite view, F6 or so)?

                          Its been soooo long since ive played smac I dont know know if it is only in smacx or not ....

                          To access to screen I use the F4 key and select the orbital view Icon, then hit the ATTACK! button, once you do that that you get the option to select which faction and which satellite.

                          Course if you have not achived the orbital spaceflight tech you cannot access that screen. Once you launch at least one sat yourself then you can see that screen, whether other factions have sats or not.
                          I have seen the truth, and it makes no sense.


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                            I have achieved space domination in my recent Thinker (second to hardest level) as the Hive on huge map of planet. I have 13 orbital defense pods, and 35 of +1 energy pods.

                            And used like 40 Busters and won the game.

                            Now onward to hardest level.


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                              You can have ODP wars in vanilla SMAC. But if you are playing against the AI it will be hard to coax the AI to build sats in either SMAC or SMACX.

                              Play badly. If you are going into the late game at tech parity with the AI or worse, you will have a greater chance of seeing AI sats launched.