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  • New Bug in the Scenarios

    I believe I uncovered an undocumented bug. I am using a fully patched legitimate copy of SMACX. Playing almost any of the builti-in scenarios (especially, when I go to build a probe team, it has turned into an alien war ogre. If I examine it in the workshop, it looks like a normal probe unit under any chaisse other than the speeder. If I switch to speeder (which is what probe teams normally are) I get a picture of the ogre with slightly scrambled graphics on the left.

    Anyone else confirm this phenomenon?
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    well not that particular one but i have noticed in the spartan/hive/believer one that native life is a bit off. for example the locusts were just grey swirls IIRC. remember the probes were something else not battle ogres though


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      There are definitely some weird native life bugs in SMAX... A few days ago I was playing a game and had Hybrid Forests at all my main cities except one. I started the last one building the HF, and the next turn the city produced a Mind Worm. I started making a HF again, and next turn I make a second Mind Worm instead. Then I tried rushing the HF in one turn, and for the third time in a row it gave me a Mind Worm, wasting all my extra minerals. After about four Mind Worms, I think I made some other units, then tried the HF later and it worked fine.
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        Yes - just opened that particular scenario and I confirm your visuals - seems like in the weapons/probe slot there is an ogre superimposed over the probe "tentacles" - but only applies to speeder, non-armored, non-trance probe. Shift to infantry, or foil, or add armos or trance and it becomes a regular visual.