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    How do set the start locations for the factions in the scenario/map editor? I have seen stuff like clear beacons and such but how do you place them and decide where the factions will start?

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    From the Scenario menus, select "Create Unit", and when the window pops up, select "Morale", as only Sparta has anything other than 'Very Green,' then "Player", and finally Colony Pod.

    That places a colony pod on the map tile that the cursor is resting on. Add another pod, scout, etc, depending on how you want the faction to begin.

    Move the cursor to another likely site, and repeat the process with your next faction, and so on until you have CPs etc at however many locations you have factions.

    Now you have to select "switch sides" and pick a faction, then play that faction to build your base. from then it's plain sailing.




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      I did that and I can play the faction I want with the starting position I want but whenever I go to play the map again the start locations change. Is there anyway to have a faction start in the same place every time the map is played? Plus if you do it the way above you can't use a custom faction. because when you go to place a unit for the custom faction you want to play, it wont let you. Is there anyway to get by this?
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        You have to save the map as a scenario and play it that way. I don't think you can save the starting locations any other way.

        As for your second question. It seams that the Scenario editor uses the factions that you last played with. What you will have to do is to start a game with the factions you want, play a turn and then go to the editor and set up your locations on the map you originally wanted to play with. If anyone has a secret about getting around that I would be interested as well. I just got through setting up a scenario with custom factions.
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          If you want to use other factions than the ones that are currently loaded, use the 'Reload faction' option from the Scenario menu. Select the slot you want to load the faction into, then enter its search key (GAIANS, HIVE, UNIV, MORGAN, SPARTANS, BELIEVE, PEACE, CYBORG, PIRATES, DRONE, ANGELS, FUNGBOY, CARETAKE, USURPER for the original factions (they are listed in alpha(x).txt), whatever you have set it to for a custom faction).

          And like others have said, there is no way to place a starting location as such on the map. All you can do is place units.