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    How do I change the morale modifier with ACEdit? More importantly, what is a morale modifier?
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    A morale modifier is a percentage value that is (along with terrain, sensor etc. modifiers) applied to a unit's base attack/defense value to determine its attack/defense strength. The morale modifier depends on the unit's morale level. For example, a hardened unit has a morale modifier of +12.5%. Its effect can be observed in the statistics display that appears at the bottom of the screen during combat.

    I suppose you have bought the no-manual edition of SMAC that seems to be the only one available nowadays. Given the complexity of the game, there are lots of issues you will find out while playing. However, a large amount of information (I'm not sure about morale, though) is included in the datalinks (F1).

    Now, it's my turn: What is ACEdit?