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Asteroid strikes: Ouch, that really hurts!

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    I'm not convinced that the asteroid strike is tied to ED. From my own personal experience and the other discussions that I have read, it appears to be just a random event, albeit a horribly vexing one, aimed solely at the power chart leader.

    The only time I have personally experienced an asteroid strike, taking out 3 bases and about 7 SP's , I wasn't running any ED in the vast majority of my empire. I had 2 or 3 bases w/ED, but they were only 1 or 2 mins over the current clean limit. I had suffered a couple of pops, but they were widely separated by both distance and time.

    Another vexing issue with asteroid strikes is that once the game determines that you are going to get one in MY X, you get one in that year, reloading old saves notwithstanding. In the game mentioned above, I went and reloaded previous saves, back as far as ten years before the strike, to get around it. No luck. At that point, I gave up trying to get around it and just sucked up the damage and moved on.

    Unfortunately, proving this theory would be quite the time consuming task. Since this is a random event, one could go through a very large number of games before it shows up, if it ever did.
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