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Repeating turns bug

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  • Repeating turns bug

    I'm playing a game right now as Deidre on Transcend, and have been experiencing a strange anomoly. Every so often, I get to play the same turn (ie, MY does not increase) again, sometime for three of four turns.

    For example, I got to play MY 2364 twice, 2368 three times, and 2370 at least five times (I lost count).

    I just recently got a new computer, and reinstalled SMAC, SMACX and the SMACX V2.0 patch, hopefully all correctly. It is a Athelon 1GHz, 256 MB of RAM, and a sweet little ATI video card. I'm wondering if this is a known bug, and if I possibly failed to install the patch correctly.
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    I recall this happening to me a long time ago, and I remember someone mentioning it last year on Apolyton, though where I cannot say. Sorry I'm no help, but I do know that others have seen this happen also.
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      Yes, I've seen this happen (might be my post you remember Sik). Usually on large/huge maps, always on SP games, so recently I have no occurrences. Last time I saw it was when playing the Ultimate Builder Challenge set by zsozso, and it was subsequently confirmed by at least one other player of the same scenario.

      I don't think it's a problem with the installation, and I don't recall anyone having an explanation for it.
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