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    Ok, I know there are past threads dealing with this, but I'm lazy.

    How do you set up a LAN game? And how do you covert from a LAN to a PBEM and back?

    Also, how long does a two or four person PBEM tend to last?
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    The best way to set up a LAN game is to make sure the ethernet card is using TCP/IP to communicate. Once you have all the computers on the LAN set up this way, the host should run (from the start bar) the winipcfg command and see what IP he has on his ethernet card. This works for the internet too.

    Then select multiplayer, TCP/IP for internet play, host game.

    Other players select multiplayer, TCP/IP for internet play, join game, and either hit okay with the box blank (searches for a game) or enter the IP address of the host computer. It should then find the game.

    PBEM takes a long time. Even if every player takes one turn in one day, that's still at least 200 days for the game to finish.

    You cannot switch from TCP/IP to PBEM as far as I know. I have however, start hotseat games with freinds at my house, and then continued them as PBEM later by emailing the last saved turn to the next player.
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      You can switch between TCP/IP and hotseat/PBEM. There was a thread about this not too long ago, but I don't remember the title. You can probably find it with the search function.


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        I believe it was this thread
        We're back!


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          That's the one.