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    Out of the blue I have started to receive Terranx Errors at the end of virtually each year of play on SMAX. The only change I have made to the Alpha.Txt is to allow for Sea Sensor Arrays. I happens with more frequency as I get latter into the game. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone have suggestions for correcting? This is occuring on 2 fairly new systems, one a desk top and on a lap top. I will change the Alpha.Txt back to the original to test but wanted to know if anyone has had experience with a Terranx error.

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    Yes, this problem is well-known and has a number of possible solutions. You might try a search through the archive, because I don't remember all of the possible fixes and there were a number of threads with some quite detailed replies.

    Just to get you started though, I can tell you what I know. I used to have terrible problems with this bug. You are right in saying that it gets worse the further you get into the game. I managed to solve my problem entirely by disabling my wheelmouse program. There are a number of these - mswheel.exe and point32.exe are two that I can recall.

    Other people reported that disabling virus checkers when playing also had an effect - I believe some virus protection programs run in the background and can cause the terranx crash.

    I think it's unlikely to be your alpha.txt mod, I don't remember seeing anyone reporting this as a cause.

    Hope this helps.
    Team 'Poly


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      Yes, I had this problem and the only solution seems to be to disable mswheel or its equivalent before starting the game. I never could figure out how to never start this program in the first place.

      Just as a note, Firaxis had the problem fixed in the SMAC 4.0 patch. But it was re-introduced in SMACX and never fixed.

      I have a wheelmouse on my new computer running Windows ME. Mswheel does not exist in the running programs list. So far, I have not had crashes related to [U]this[/U problem, although I have had crashes. In particular, the game seems to have a memory leak. It grabs more and more memory until none is left. Gradually, functions stop working. Then the game crashes.

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        Try the following:

        1) Left-click on Start
        2) Left-click on Run
        3) type msconfig
        4) Left-click on the Startup tab.

        Somewhere in the list of programs under this tab will be a mswheel.exe program.

        5) Uncheck the box for this program.
        6) Left-click on Apply.

        You will probably have to reboot, but that is the mswheel program they are talking about.

        If you need to use the wheel, you will need to re-enable it using the same process above - just make sure the mswheel.exe box is checked.