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What are your standard options?

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  • What are your standard options?

    What options do you guys use in your games? Rules, I mean.. And do any of you do the micromanagement thing for your ENTIRE empire? How do you manage that?


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    I play random faction, against random Ai factions, on huge random planet, random geography, average native life, pod scattering on, random events on, double blind research.
    I don't use governors, and I don't set formers on auto (they act to stupid if not controlled by the chief himself ).
    I don't upgrade crawlers, and I don't overbuild secret projects, but I regulary use pod-booming to develop my headquarter (I like to have big bases, and with double blind research, hab complexes come very late).

    I agree that micromanagement can be a punishment for one who killed his own mother and father in this games where You have 150 bases But on the other hand, I like to have things under my control, and governors of automated former do to much silly things.


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      I use all the victories except Co-operative and...yes...shameful though it is, I use Accelerated Start. Everything else is turned off.
      I always micromanage all my formers, because like everyone says the automated ones are so thick you might as well just drop em in a handy ocean, but I can never be bothered with base micromanagement so I use the Governors, dumb as they are...
      Yeah, yeah, i know, there is such a thing as overdosing on IoDs and transports, but occasionally they do good...
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