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need help on probe team calculation - txt

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    well, no +25% bonus as well...
    why it takes me so long?
    psst... i'm still thinking...


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      Thanks b_c!
      The fact is, that I so many times suggested to do some tests before posting concepts that can be so easily tested by yourself, that I realize I got a bit sarcastic in answering to NetMav.
      Thanks to NetMav for not taking exception at my overtones.

      I agree with the rest of your posts, you all did a good investigative job. BTW, it's true that HitPoints make a big difference, it's just that they strictly speaking do not appear as "modifiers".

      Funny thing, is that one of my first intervention in this technical forum (looong time ago...) was to state that it was indeed possible to designate armored probes as defenders.
      I distinctly remember having done that in a scenario, on my work PC (former company...) at a time when the latest patches were not yet out.
      When someone politely objected to it, I rushed to test it again with confidence, and with dismay I found out that I wasn't able to reproduce it anymore! And of course I didn't keep copy of that test... I had to add my stupefied apologies in that thread!


      I was almost forgetting:
      NetMav, probe-combat apart where they do not apply, the 25% base bonus and the 100% perimeter modifier are NOT cumulative anyway! When you have a perimeter, the 25% base bonus is no more counted! You only get 100% (against land attacks), NOT 125%
      I don't exactly know what I mean by that, but I mean it (Holden Caulfield)


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        Ahhh...thought it was cumulative. Thanks for clearing me up on that. My apologies for not testing my assumptions in a scenario.
        |-- Net Maverick --|