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The AI doesn't build Copters: Since when?

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    First use of the term "Chop and Drop" that I recollect was Korn469 in the Spartan Chronicles 2 years ago



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      I have seen the AI attack a base with a chopper in the scenario I'm, er, still working on after about 9 months or a year or something. Just don't have the patience to keep replaying ...

      Yang attacked my base with a chopper (OK, my garrison was *woefully* underpowered by comparison with his weapon) and then dropped into it. But I agree, it's the only time I've seen this so it's true to say that the AI typically doesn't do it. On the other hand, watching Yang take out half a dozen crawlers with a single chopper is no fun, either
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        I have seen the AI using copters a lot of times. In my last game the Peacekeepers and the Cyborgs, and I can remember a game with Caretaker copters. I also can remember at least to of my custom factions, played by the AI using copters.
        An I can (sigh!) remember that game there Morgan crushed me with his choppers like a bug. First he killed my formers and crawlers, backing up his copters with interceptors, so I couldn't destroy them (Morgan had Cyborg factory and cloudbase academy). Then he took out my base defenses, and at last came the transports with the marines
        The AI often acts stupid, but I have seen the AI acting astonishing clever in some rare cases.

        And I have seen Domai using nerve gas, as response to my own use of nerve gas.