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Any PBEM games accepting newbies these days?

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  • Any PBEM games accepting newbies these days?

    I'd like to sign up for a few but I don't know where to find any...

    Feel free to mail me at if you need a competent SP but _no-experience_ MP in your games.

    "Build Ports when possible. A port gives you extra resources, as well as an extra tile for a unit to stand on." - Infogrames

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    Try here:

    or here:

    or here:

    If you use one of the first two links, I'd probably wind up in a game with you. Just started PBEMing SMAC in late January so I'm relatively new to it.

    Using Vel's Guide, another guy and I have been working on developing our multiplayer skills. Since Jan, we've completed 4 games already to give you an idea how quickly we can move turns.


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      The Apolyton PBEM Tournament is still open, and accepts players of all skill and experience levels. New games are set up at irregular intervals.

      Take a look at the signup thread and either post your details there or email them to me. I should be able to get you in a game or two shortly.

      Btw, I have tried to reply to the mail you sent me yesterday, but constantly get fatal errors on your address. Anyway, I have no experience with IP games and cannot help you there. I see you have got some replies to your thread here, though.