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    Right now im am playing a game as the Gaians and im am the super power im planetary governer and im allied with santiago and at peace with all other (all be it tense peace) I had a short war with morgan and he surrendered Hes a nice pet before the war i bullied him into giving me one of his cities as a nice repair bay for my upcoming offensive im nearly at war with yang and sister mirimam what should i do im in control where should i take this game????

    Tyler Messer
    "Time to kick ass or to bulid peacefully???"

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      Firstly, only post one topic on each subject.

      Secondly, from the sounds of it, you're in a good position to overrun both the Hive and the Believers quite easily. To combat Yang's perims, either send in a large number of troops, or a few probes to take those defenses away (go figure - probes can remove Yang's bases from below planet surface!). Miriam should be really quite easy so long as you attack her first. Depending on the morale of your worms, use them or some of your fancy new weaponry - it's likely that you're above Miriam in tech, particularly if you just got Chaos. That can really be a war turner
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        Well thanks for the advice as predicted yang called me up demaning tech I told him to kiss my ass he declared war on me even though we share no borders and he was already at war with one of my pactmates zak so i went into the usual war time production of millitary and on average crank out 3-4 units per year and also i got my other pact mate the Spartan Federation to declare war on the hive my huge army is now on its way to hive teritory I wonder how long it will take him to surrender???

        Tyler Messer
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