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Building a Seabase adjacent to another faction

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  • Building a Seabase adjacent to another faction

    Browsing thru Scriptx.txt for something else I came across:

    Copied from scriptx.txt

    #xs 440
    #caption Operations Director
    $TITLE5 $NAME6 claims these as territorial waters. We have no obligation to respect the claim, but if we build a base here the $FACTION2 may decide to attack.

    >Cancel base.
    >Build base anyway.

    #xs 440
    #caption $CAPTION7
    "I claim these as $ territorial waters, $TITLE1 $NAME2, and I will not have your $ followers building bases there! Cease and desist immediately!"

    >Cancel new base.
    >Build new base anyway.
    I giess I've never called up another faction when I've seen a base plopped down at my door (but maybe it's needed when the seapod is there before the base gets built?) so I've never seen that exchange

    Has anyone else?


    Edit: On re-reading, these are messages to the human player from our own Ops Director, so it's the AI that's claiming the territorial waters (we have the option to build or not to build, it isn't them having the option)

    I still don't recall ever getting that message as I prepared to found a base on someone else's doorstep.

    Has anyone else?

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    I think I may have once recieved this message when I attempted to build a Sea Base within the base radius of an AI faction's Sea Base.
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      I had this message before, but it's seems a bit buggy.

      I had it that I dismantled a seabase, moved the seapod a tile or two further for better nut gathering and started restarted the base their and immediately was in war with Deedee because I forgot that a nearby seabase of her extended her territorial waters to the spot I planned to replant that pod.

      In short: the bug is that later in the game that warning doesn't popup anymore.
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        You guys have seen that? I have never seen that. Well, except when reading script.txt.
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          Never bothered that much with sea factions
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