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Running Alpha Centauri in a window

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  • Running Alpha Centauri in a window

    Does anyone know how to make Alpha Centauri run in a window instead of full screen? I have version 1.5 running on a G4 in Classic mode (system 9.2.2).

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    I haven't been able to figure that out but by using ctrl-esc, I can go into other programs alto graphics can be funny. You probably know this anyway.
    Who is Barinthus?


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      He is using a Mac Barinthus, I don't believe ctrl-esc does program switching on a Mac. And the colors look all messed up cause SMAC drops into 256 color mode. Why 256 mode? This game isn't that old.

      Bad Fraxis, no biscuit.

      edit: btw bts13, I'm sorry to hear about you Mac ownership, is there anything I can do to console you har har
      I love teasing Mac owners
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        :looking back at the first posting:

        G4... of course
        Who is Barinthus?


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          Thanks anyway, guys, but I figured it out. Holding down the option key when the game starts up brings up an options window, and it's there. And Imp, a little good-natured ribbing is a good thing. I enjoy talking to Windows users. The only problem is, they have such a hard time keeping up.