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Maximum Energy Output on 1 Square

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    Ogie: Good point; you can get more energy from food than direct energy transfer, although you can build a farm + enricher atop a solar collector.

    Maxxing out energy for a base is much different than maxxing it out for a single tile; we haven't even mentioned trade income, golden ages, or other base-related production factors.

    Back to maxxing out energy for a single tile: the idea behind raising the fringes of Mt. Planet and drilling aquifers is first to "erase" the fringes' volcano special property so that aquifers may be drilled and second to put the fringes at the same level as the mouth so that, with luck, the river might just flow in that direction.

    It might even be necessary to raise the land beyond the fringes, if the river would otherwise always flow in that direction.