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If Alpha Centauri 2 would ever Release

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  • If Alpha Centauri 2 would ever Release

    Just been thinking maybe part 2 will never show but that doesn't stop us from thinking up a good story what i got thus far wich would work for a sequel i believe.

    After loosing contact with the spaceship the people at Earth were forced to believe that their finale project had been a failure. In a joint operation of many countries a new ship was created, but because of the small building time humanity had to find a planet closer by earth wich would be able to substain humanoid life forms. Just after this ship had been constructed such a planet was found thus course is set to this planet just before the destruction of the earth (would make for a nice intro movie )

    In the meantime on Alpha Centauri conflict between the Progenitors and the Usurpers was reaching a climax. Many human factions were already chosing sides to try and survive the hard times. After a discovery made by the University and the Gaians it seemed the planet it selve was suffering the most under this conflict and the idea started for a swift evacuation.

    At one point Alpha Centauri started to lose its vertility and all that was left were the wars being waged on it. And still the planet was going worse the given factions didnt have enough time to evacutate everyone and so a hand full of people per faction escaped before the planet died off. (this way not every faction comes back in the sequel ) Course was set for a distant planet wich substained humanoid lifeforms yet they didnt know the given ship from Earth was going to this exact planet.

    In the meantime the ship coming from Earth was having some internal conflicts and even though the people worked together factions were already forming.

    The planet these two were going to wasnt empty for an alien race had crash landed there 2 years before starting a small and peacefull society within the planet. Little did they know their peacefull and enlightend society was about to be rudely interupted.
    Upon arrival the factions from Alpha Centauri and Earth started to spread out as soon as they could claiming as much land as they could and thus the story starts.
    Fun part of this would be that then you get a massive planet the bigger the better . And the computer will then generate 8 out of the 14 Original/Expansion factions, next to that another 7 new factions from earth and 1 alien faction already on the planet.

    Would be great if it was possible to also build underwater or even in the skies it selve. But maybe im going a bit overboard now on ideas

    Anyway post your fun ideas here as well.

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    I think that many different approaches could be taken for generating a SMAC(X) 2, and that many of these would be very popular and viable. My own approach/ idea is as follows:

    Backdrop for the February Challenge: by MY 2473, several Factions have established themselves as the dominant forces in the Alpha Centauri solar system. Planet Busters, Drop Units, helicopters armed with Nerve Agent, and growing hordes of native lifeforms make it clear that, with a single spark, Planet could very well go the way of Earth, and erupt into devastating global warfare!
    In these most ominous of times, several minor factions discover the wreckage of a Progenitor interstellar spaceship on the farside of Nessus. In utmost secrecy the Factions agree to pool their meager resources and reverse-engineer the alien spaceship, hoping that by using the interstellar drive they can find a new home, free from the dominion of the dominant Factions on Planet.
    After much discussion, the Faction leaders agree that their destination is to be an Eden-like planet labeled on the salvaged Progenitor star charts simply as “Colony: Failed”.
    By MY 2492, 1,000 years after Columbus made his historic voyage, the spaceship Santa Maria is ready, and the hyperjump is made to the Beta Lyrae solar system.
    However, upon arriving in-system, the spaceships sensors indicate that the planet chosen for colonization is not the pristine Garden of Eden listed in the Progenitor database, but an eroded wasteland, showing only brief glimpses of what this planet must once have been like.
    Discouraged by this turn of events, a council is called, and it is agreed that another promising solar system is to be chosen for the purpose of colonization.
    Just as the Progenitor-cloned hyperdrive is being activated, a strange alien spaceship materializes in the space above you, attacking your spaceship and sending it into a decaying orbit around the planet below, known as Beta Prime.
    Now, armed only with what you could hastily salvage from the spaceship, you must begin anew on the former Progenitor colony planet of Beta Prime!

    The scenario is posted
    here . I have completely done away with the original Alpha Centauri lifeforms and replaced them with a new "indigenous" species that have unique attributes that you will discover!

    Also, I believe the Network Node is building a mod called "Return to Earth, complete with new Factions and a new 8th Faction. FYI.



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      Either Part 2 could be an extension on the story itself or just a re-make with better AI, less bugs (we could always dream eh?), and perhaps few new factions...

      and the game would allow for more factions in the game instead of just 7
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        I support a remake. Continueing the story would be rather difficult.

        Planet is okay, but I think it's time for a new kind of planet. I'm tired of fungus. I want a planet with no fungus dammit .

        I'm not the most creative person. But I'm sure we could come up with a unique and interesting ecology if we tried.


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          Remake - no sequels!
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            I also vote for a remake. That idea of building underwater and on space is very good (I liked to see that implemented on Call to Power, but Alpha Centauri is the number 1 )


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              Why not go further? Let it be possible to play on terrestrial planets and moons throughout the whole star system!
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                then it would be MOO


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                  I'd have to say remake as well.

                  All the Civs have been remakes after all. Just go with it. Number one would be to fix all the crazy ass bugs that crop up, especially in multiplayer. Among my favorites:

                  non-pacted factions can air drop into your territory in spite of air defenses. "OK we're not pacted but I trust you.

                  If the margins are close, a faction can get dropped from the ballot for planetary governor in the middle of a vote due to population shifts "Yay so now my vote doesn't matter at all."

                  The infamous "probe team operations don't get reported to the victim" bug.

                  Various bugs with sea levels not taking effect properly.