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    The "magic" of SMAC(X) is that there is ALWAYS something you can build that makes you more money.

    There is never a time when military spending is "gravy", like in Civ 1, where a huge army was merely a by-product of having built everything else.

    Building a huge army in SMAC(X) means making sacrifices, paying a real opportunity cost, which good players always try to recoup by having some kind of plan for their troops (conquest, pod-popping, etc.) Its cost makes the "huge army" itself is a malleable concept: the player who can do more with less gains a clear advantage.

    Conversely, the availability of profit-enhancing items might lead one astray; the building of troops cannot be an afterthought. Fungus trawling, pod-popping, self-defense, and good old-fashioned conquering don't happen by themselves, no matter how many bases have Tree Farms.

    The constant competition from all quarters for scarce resources, all the way up to the A to T, and the number of ways to build (Demo / Planned / Wealth vs. Demo / FM / Knowledge vs. Demo / Green / Wealth + psych, for instance) is what makes this game so hard to put down.


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      yeah, SMAX really broke the mold for TBS games. It's a shame they never beefed it up and modded it to play as civ on earth (16 civs, with the SE and faction elements would have meant civ2 with worthwhile alliances! )
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