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    Originally posted by GeoModder
    Well, DataJack. A good faction leader checks his inbox regularly as well...
    Checking, sir
    Who is Barinthus?


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      Originally posted by Ouro_827
      Well, I know you aren't addressing that to ME! My PM inbox is fine, and my e-mail is too... So were you trying to, Geo? Check the game thread...
      /me gestures at the posting above.
      He who knows others is wise.
      He who knows himself is enlightened.
      -- Lao Tsu

      SMAC(X) Marsscenario


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        I have a tendency not to be in the leader position but rather a strong and loyal supporter. However if I must choose I would be Lady Hong of the Gaians.
        Be good, and if at first you don't succeed, perhaps failure will be back in fashion soon. -- teh Spamski

        Grapefruit Garden


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          *Chairman Frankychan bows to Lady Hong*
          Despot-(1a) : a ruler with absolute power and authority (1b) : a person exercising power tyrannically
          Beyond Alpha Centauri-Witness the glory of Sheng-ji Yang
          *****Citizen of the Hive****
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            Peacekeepers Leader
            Map creation contest
            WPC SMAC(X) Democracy Game - Morganities aspire to dominate Planet


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              Why peacekeepers, Mart7x5?
              Do you like faction or do you like its ideals?

              By the way - my fac:


              Depending on settings (map, difficulty, rainfall etc.. and especially - my mood)

              But if we assume, that:
              Diff = transc
              Map = huge map of planet
              and all those settings of HMoP..

              lord binTravkin of Gaians!
              And will make use of mindWorms and popbooming (I mean - my SE will differ from that of Lady Deirdre and will be much more powerful)

              I changed all the AI.txt files to make them as good as possible (I tweaked their SE choices, agresiveness and values (explore, conquer..etc)
              Gaia had:
              Politics, Democratic, INDUSTRY (to have Planned, wealth and later Eudaimonia)

              And she was building Childrens creches quite rapidly..
              Can you imagine?
              I was Lal with goood starting position, popped lots of minerals and so on..
              I played as good as I could!

              But Deirdre had Monsoon + rainfall was at max..
              I barely got elected to Governor (and I even had Empath Guild)!
              Her bases went till 14 in average of 30 turns (she just built Creche, Commons, theatres and had HGP as a point on 'i')
              And she released forests in Monsoon and popped one hydroponics pod there also..
              And then she got enough minerals to build Treefarms and HybridForests (when a base reached 7, mineral output was 16-little support)...
              It was the first time I lost a game to AI.. (she made her transcendant)..
              Shame, shame, shame!
              Last edited by binTravkin; April 30, 2004, 06:57.
              -- What history has taught us is that people do not learn from history.
              -- Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.


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                It's universal faction. Seems to give most freedom
                Map creation contest
                WPC SMAC(X) Democracy Game - Morganities aspire to dominate Planet


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                  I would be Marr

                  But seriously, I _am_ human, so I'd go with PKs or Uni
                  #play s.-cd#g+c-ga#+dgfg#+cf----q.c

                  Quantum P. is a champion:


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                    Zakharov. Knowledge in a hostile alien land is the best defense.

                    Santiago is my second choice, but I've noticed that exhorting people to be strong influences some to inflexible and overly-straightforward thinking.

                    Just as Roze's reliance on subtlety seems foolish in the face of 12 Spartan Rovers, some of my followers might not grasp the importance of subtlety with 12 Impact Rovers parked in the garage.

                    Better to tell my followers they need to be smart, and let them figure out the strong part for themselves.

                    Skye is third, but only because Earth's environmentalists often succomb to "junk science" in the field of ecology and I would want my followers to be more objective.

                    Of course in a world where fungus has psychic powers the Gaians' "silly religion" might not seem so silly ... but I, as Provost, would arrive at this conclusion because the evidence suggested it, not because I wanted to score points with the wing-nut Greenpeace chick.


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                      Hmn... this is a really TOUGH QUESTION.

                      I wonder which faction leader I would be....

                      I'll have to get back to you.