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    I think that's a side effect of the chart changing scale. I think it corrects that when you see the chart next, or I might just be crazy.

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      Originally posted by Rift on 03-13-2001 07:00 PMthen again, perhaps it's because the Spartans are weaklings, while the Gaian's are second in the power chart.
      A side note: does anyone know why every time when you become so powerful that your line hits the top of the power line graph, it takes a sudden nosedive?

      This happens often to me. My pactmate usually renounces the pact if i'm first and they are second. It's just a matter of time.

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        Originally posted by Rift on 03-13-2001 07:00 PM

        A side note: does anyone know why every time when you become so powerful that your line hits the top of the power line graph, it takes a sudden nosedive?

        The powergraph is calculated by several things: population, number of SP, and the strength of your army RELATED TO THE STRONGEST WEAPON AVAILIABLE TO ANY FACTION.
        So, for example, if you have big hordes of chaos weapon and build your first single shard unit, the strenght of Your army is calculated in relation to shard and no longer to chaos weapon. And by the powergraph calculation, the strength of Your army has decreased about 1/3, but in reality You are of course getting stronger.

        To the reputation thing: You need a good reputation only when You are weak, because You need friends then. If You are strong enough to kick everybody's butt, why care about reputation? It can be great fun to be the evil guy.
        Last game, Morgan was between me (the "Peacekeepers") and the Caretakers.
        I needed his bases as stepstones for my X-Choppers against Booger, but he (we hade truce) refused to pact. I gave him a planetbuster to taste before I conquered what was left and gassed the Caretakers.
        Oh, and I never repeal the charter. It is sometimes really funny to drive the other faction leaders mad with my evil behaviour.

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          Count me as one who maintains a good rep. I do it by never making a treaty that I'm going to break. If I start on the same continent as another faction, then we are going to war in the long run. I will not give them anything. They will almost always go to war with me eventually, and usually sooner than eventually. Then it is time to acquire a submissive.

          When a faction is not on my continent I will accept a treaty of friendship. This can be a boon, and eventually they will declare war unless they are too weak to be of any consequence. Either way, an AI which is not on my continent is rarely able to bother me much. I never give tech or money to the AI unless I am helping them against a common enemy, though I will trade tech at almost any point in the game.

          I call this the xenophobe technique, and it works pretty well. It assumes that I am more or less at war the entire game, and tries to make the diplomatic situation reflect that by ignoring the AI until it declares war, and then shooting on sight. It is a lot easier than dealing with a 'friendly' or neutral AI faction who just has to screw with you. If you are at war, you just sink their transports, or burn their bases.
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            Originally posted by knowhow2 on 03-13-2001 06:58 PM

            With the UN chart repealed, you can use as much nervergas and planetbuster you want without having your rep drop (I am not 100% sure but 90%). But as mentioned above, those factions that you use it against will hate you forever, even if they turn submissive (pact to serve), so in case of dimplomatic victory, "forget about it"
            AND as soon as any disagreement arise with any other factions, the will use this to call vendetta upon you.

            Submissives will declare war with you?


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              Originally posted by It'sLikeThat on 03-14-2001 12:07 PM

              Submissives will declare war with you?

              When you 're going for a diplomatic victory you need 3/4 of all the votes on the planet to win. But you ALSO need all the other factions to submit to you, if any of them defy you, you haven't won a dimplomatic victory (which makes it so much harder to win than conquest, still it gives you the same amount of points.... ) When this happens, those who submit to you will swear a pact to serve and they will all declare vendetta on the remainder factions. All factions can defy you as supreme leader even those whom already has submit (submissive, right word?) to you earlier. In short, yes they will declare war against you (also happens when you use PBs on any faction before repealed UN chart, but I guess you already know that one )

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