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    In SMACX, has anyone ever been penetrated by a probe team after building the HSA SP? Just wondering, because I've never seen the AI use Algorithmic Enhancement. Conversely, has anyone ever broken through the HSA if the AI builds it?
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    As far as I know the AI doesn't build probe teams other than the default one. If you want them to use algo enhancment you would have to add a new enhanced fusion probe team unit in the alphax.txt

    I have probed an AI faction with the HSA, even with enhanced elite probes it wasn't easy.


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      The AI has never probed me with succes when I build the HSA.

      But I have managed to probe AI factions with the HSA succesful
      with algorythmica enhancement probes. But I had only managed to infiltrate their datalinks or steal tech. I everytimes failed when I tried to bribe a base (perhaps because my SE choices give me a bad probe rating).