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    Originally posted by Sikander
    Yep. It tends to be for players who need the clock ticking to keep them tense I guess. It also tends to be used in games which mix scales in order to allow the player to personally command tactical action while they are president of the U.S. This can be done fairly well (Total War series) using a mix of RTT (real time tactical) and TBS.
    I greatly enjoy the tactical battles in the Total War series (I'm a wargamer, sue me ) although I find the strategic elements less compelling and a little "dinky". It would be nice to have a medieval computer-game that used medieval methods to recruit troops (this is what studying different patterns of feudal administration will do to you...).

    Civ (and most of its offspring) used a terrible method of fighting operational battles on the strategic map using tactical units. This is why World War Two would take a hundred years to play out in Civ time, as units have tactical movement allowances in a game with grand strategic turn lengths.
    In the Civ2 scenarios I made I altered the turn increments to months to reflect an "operational" level. I was hoping this was possible in SMAC/X, but it seems like it isn't.

    I suppose that the problem with Civ is that you need to be able to explain technological development and the construction of vast structures (like cathedrals) as well as track the movement of troops.
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