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  • Eco Damage/Nerve Gas

    I read an interesting post several months ago, about a replacement player using nerve gas choppers to force sea level changes. If you haven't repealed the UN Charter, how do you figure the eco-damage of various atrocities if you are trying to force sea level changes? Can nerve stapling contribute, and does it reduce your free mineral level for eco-damage calculation? If you nerve gas your own units, i.e. a bunch of scouts, would that still count as an atrocity?

    How much total eco-damage will it take to start the sea level changes? I know there are some formulas, and things like nerve gas has dual utility - it both counts directly as eco-damage and decreases your free mineral level. Any threads/articles/other data on this?

    Note - for those in my PBEM game where you could see me attempting this - I'm just examining my options, I DO NOT intend to do this - yet.
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    I never knew you could nerve gas your own units. I think that, if you can, it is still an atrocity. I have never commited atrocities except in one game, and all I did was obliterate bases. I think since nerve stapling is an atrocity, and that is against your own citizens, then gasing your own citizens is an atrocity too. Lets put it this way, either way, Lal is going to get ticked.


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      You can obliterate or nervestaple your own base. I think 5 normal atrocities = one major atrocity. Then with each major atrocity, your clean mineral decreases by 5.
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        Atrocities don't actually cause Eco-damage in and of themselves, they just reduce the clean mineral cap, the threshold at which eco-damage is caused by mineral production in a base. Also, I'm fairly certain that they only reduce _your_ clean mineral cap, so your nerve-gassy friend would be just as well served by cranking out a ton of crawlers, harvest minerals to a few bases with Genejack factories. Run FM, and don't have any eco-facilities (tree farms/centauri preserves) and you'll be causing global warming in no time.


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          Hah! A "Global Killer Base" that intentionally cranks out pollution to cause global warming ... there was a movie about that, with Martin Sheen in it I think as the ham radio guy who uncovers the sinister alien plot.

          Good grief I can't remember what it was called ... anyone?


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            The Arrival.