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  • Chosing starting location

    I usually play with this option turned off. Is the initial site usually well chosen or completely random? I figure it is better to have a slightly less productive starting square because your production will kick in sooner. Any thoughts?


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    I usually play with it on, but I never take more than one step with my starting pod. (Up on a river if one is within one step.)

    But a recent revelation made me turn it off forever, the AI can go out on endless walks and end up being killed by worms as it fails to find a city site good enough for it's demands.


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      I tried out that option in my first few games, and I'm avoiding it like the plague from now on. From my experience, the computer usually lands you in a decent site (usually near a body of water). Also, if I toggle that option on, the AI always builds a base long before me, since I tend to take awhile to find a good start site, which gives it a massive turn my final point is: let chance guide your crashing pod.


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        I always turn it on. I am particular about where my bases are placed, and don't mind losing a turn's production to have the final say. I also don't mind giving the AI a turn advantage, though I was unaware that the AI might get itself knocked off.
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