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    An alternative start is to go for Ind Econ first, using your starting ec's to make the switch to FM ASAP. (In the meantime, build scouts, which are helpful with so many worms around.) FM with Morgan will roughly double your energy income, getting you to Biogen and Cent Eco more quickly.

    I tried it and got much luckier, so it's hard to say if it's the strategy or the luck. By 2127, with an earthquake that gave me a rainy rolling river square, I had 8 population, 6 techs, techs every 6 years, and Ind Auto coming in 4 years.

    However you play it and however luck treats you, Morgan's -1 support is definitely more of a factor with all those worms.
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      Well I did the comparison and see the posted sav.

      You did get an awfully ugly patch of fungus.

      AS such and trying to avoid the bounce navigating through fungus I expanded southward first avoiding the pod pop until I set down the base next to it. Popped the pod and got a nutrient and a cloned infanry (free unit w/o support YEY!!)

      Got Bio Genetic My 2106 ish and bought two rec tanks.

      Sent back one of the two indy scout back to HQ's base and explored with second. Killed a total of 3 worms (1 worm 2 launchers over teh course fhte next 5 turns)

      Colony pods are soon produced (I stapled southern base as it turned size two). Moved southern infantry unit to act as a bridge to allow colony pod to move into fungus without a bounce.

      All inall it is now MY2144 and no real set backs per se.

      I beleive you just ran into a string of bad luck events CEO.
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