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I like SMAC well enough but ...

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  • I like SMAC well enough but ...

    ... CivII remains my fave. Maybe it's because I'm more familiar with it but also because it's less complex in that it requires less micromanagement and seems more straight-forward.

    Maps seem easier to make with the separate Map Editor and the Scenario Editor is better by far. I hope that CivIII 'learns' from the experience with CivII and SMAC.

    What say you?

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    My order of preference would be...

    Civilization (the original)
    CivII with the Dinosaur mod
    Civ II Normal
    CTPII with AI Frenzy Mod and Diplomod (without those mods, it just sucks)


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      Smax remains my favorite, with original SMAC right there. I still like Civ II, but I think to myself,"Why play Civ II when I have SMAX?". Of course, when Civ III is released, I think this will all change.

      Other favorite TBS games:

      M.A.X. (original)


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        Civ and Civ II held my attention for a long time, but they're too easy. Smac/x is easily the best computer game to appear so far. CTP was not comparable. I still have an affection for MOO and MOO2 though - and I still like UFO Enemy Unknown or whatever it's called. It's really rather neat.
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          My thoughts on this are fairly similar to Anunikoba, to be honest - SMAC is just a far superior game in most departments. It is only really the scenario editor that lets it down, and that is manageable....

          I also agree that Civ2 is far too easy (well, against the AI anyway). I will still often play Civ2 MP, but I can't remember the last time a game finished with a landing to AC - it is simply so much easier to go off and conquer the world - not my cup of tea, unfortunately. SMAC is so much different - although the game itself is geared more toward war, this has the reverse effect, for some reason - it is much easier to defend yourself in this that in Civ2, I think.

          Also, there is so much more to pour over in SMAC than Civ2 - all the poor Civ2 players having to count the beakers, and there we ae with it right in front of us on the F2 screen! The game is like that in so many ways - very polished, although not bug-free, it has to be said.

          As to the landscape, well, I think that is just plain rubbish, to be honest with you - surely the time has come for the Civ2 cartoony graphics to come to an end?

          Still, Civ3 will hopefully be an improvement, although I dare say I will still play SMAC - that is, if there is still an MP circle going....

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