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Pods - are they truly random?

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    What I do is pop the pods near my starter base to get my base grid started. I then determine where I'm going to place my first 16 (or 24) bases, roughly. Any pods that will be adjacent to them I save, I pop all the others. I will delay popping some of the pods if I'm just about to get a tech that will let me build an expensive base facility/prototype, for example a 2-2-2 recon rover. My favorite item, prior to expensive crawlers, is armored/trance sea formers, and the occasional sea colony pod if I have a really good site.
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      I too try to delay popping Unity pods not adjacent to bases until I can take steps to assure that the negative outcomes won't cripple me, as I've had too many early worm pods destroy too many openings. See my thread on Morgan opening for a classic example.

      In my experience, with the exception of pods immediately adjacent to a base, pod outcomes are just as likely to have negative as positive outcomes at transcend difficulty.