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Windows XP install issue

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  • Windows XP install issue

    I've read the FAQs and some other posts about installing and running SMAC under windows XP. I can't even get SMAC to install. I get an error message "An error occurred during the move data process: -117".

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    A Google Groups search on your error message gets lots of hits (but none that I saw for SMAC). One source states:

    This error occurs when a file cannot be found or opened by the system.

    Some have solved this problem simply by cleaning the installation CD. Another possibility is to copy the CD to your hard drive and run the installation from there (not sure if this works with SMAC, though).
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      What you can try to do is uninstall it and reinstall it.

      Same thing happened to me. Also, try downloading the patch for 2000/XP.

      I think with the patch in place, it only took me 2 times.
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        I guess I was lucky when I installed SMAC on my XP boxen.
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          I think my CD is the problem...I tried cleaning it got 68% of the install done when it errored out again. After inspecting the CD I noticed a big scratch which is probably causing my problem...I'll look for a new CD in the bargain bins. Thanks for the advice.


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            hmm, yeah I just recently put SMAC on my new computer which is running XP pro. No problems. I didn't even have the sound problem I usually have that required me to change that one line in the ini file. The games seems to run good.

            edit: although I have noticed the mini-map in the lower right corner seems rough and distorted. I'm not sure why.
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