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  • T-forming query

    BTW - you've all been great in answering the questions of a SMAC newbie (but CivII veteran).

    Is there anyway to raise the ground level near the shore so as only to produce the thin, ship-crossable connection to the opposite shore instead of a solid (usually at least 2-square) chunk of land?

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    You want to have a crossing that is passable by ships and land units ? Yes it is possible , if you raise land all pieces of land in one square radius are raised,e.g

    xx xxx
    xxxr xxxx
    xxxx xxxx
    xxxx xxxx
    xxx xxx

    X is the original land mass , r is where you should
    raise , n is new land :

    xxnnn xxx
    xxxrn xxxx
    xxxxn xxxx
    xxxx xxxx
    xxx xxx


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      Damn it some spaces got lost , but i hope you get what is meant anyway .


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        Yes, but it takes either careful planning of which tile you want to raise, or coordinated work by land and sea formers.

        The key is to remember that the SMAC elevation will not allow more than 1 level difference between 2 adjacent tiles (levels = 1-1000, 1001-2000 etc), so land raising will "cascade" (this is why sea shelf squares become land when you raise the shore)



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          Martin, use the UBB tags [ code ] to make your "pictures" appear correctly


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            It can ALWAYS be done by remembering just one thing. The square you raise must be cat-cornered from the square you want to connect. If you try to raise a square which is flat on to the square you are trying to link to you won't get a finger, you'll get a whole square worth.



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              I agree with Aredhran here--This can be done but you must plan carefully. Depending on the relative elevations of surrounding squares you might get the sea and land navigable link you seek but you likewise may get a 3 square wide solid land link (this is what I usually shoot for particularly if Sven is being a pain. I just love to terraform his navy into a series of disconnected seas).

              I've done some testing previously to determine the most efficient way to terraform up a lot of land and the key is to ALWAYS check the elevation of all the relevant squares. So if you raise a square to 1000+ m then every adjacent square to the raised square will be pulled above sea level as well-- every square adjacent to a 1000-1999 m square must have an elevation of 1- 2999 m. (within one band up or down)

              So the key is to carefully select the square to be raised. --- Oh and if you want the maximum effect for your terraforming effort, pull the peaks. You can raise many, many squares with one terrafoming action by raising the highest land in the area. I used to waste a lot of former time and money raising individual coastal squares until I realized that the best way to combat sea rising was to pick a square and raise it to the sky.
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