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    I guess I'm not as easily amused as some people are. There is a limit as to how much use I'll get out of a game - only so many times I can play it until it becomes stale. Unlike films or books, where you can go back and re-view/re-read, and still enjoy them [sometimes even with a enhanced understanding], with old games, I just cannot muster the same enthusiasm I once felt.
    What I can't comprehend about people who are still playing and loving Civ 2, is why would they bother when better games are being released all the time? For instance: it could be argued that such people still play Civ 2 because there are no decent alternatives. So let's say when Civ 3 is released, and it meets their every expectation, would you think it odd if these same people went back to playing Civ 2? Or do you think it would sit on the shelf gathering dust?
    For me, the most life I can get out of a computer game is probably a maximum of one year. Master Of Orion II has proven to be the exception. But there is no way I could ever go back to playing Civ 2 after SMAC. As there will be no way I could return to SMAC after Civ 3 is released.

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      Interesting. For my money it was SMAC/X that had the replay advantage over MOOII. Both are great games, but SMAC/X has more ways to play bu
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        I always loved MOO and MOOII was a distinct improvement over the original. Although IIRC it changed some things, including the ability to produce dozens of ships in one turn from a single base given the requisite production values, which I must admit I thought was a step backwards.

        Anyhow, it simply doesn't have the replayability of SMAC, nor is it as complex. Bkeela, once you are bored with SMAC, it presumably means you've mastered the game. The next challenge is play against humans - why not try it? The Apolyton tournament is very active and offers many different opponents, with different styles, at various difficulty levels. It has been *the* most engrossing computer gaming experience I've come across so far ...
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          Hear, hear.

          Of course, SMAC becomes boring against the AI - there are limits to its programming. MP is a totally different experience. I must admit, when I first started, I thought PBEM would be a total bore - how wrong I was. Once you get past the first 20 turns or so, it becomes a million times more interesting than SP - if you are worried about it not being exciting enough, ask to play on the tournament map.

          And still, in the two years or so since the arrival of SMAC, I have not seen a game that has matched it for overall replayability.
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            Bkeela, have you ever tried mp?