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Final Version of SMAX Guide in the works....

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  • Final Version of SMAX Guide in the works....

    I croaked, came back, and then vanished before I had the chance to do the final editing on the guide, and since my return, I've been thinking a lot about the game, soooo.....there will be one final update to the guide which will incorporate all the sugesstions and edits from the version 3 feedback, plus all the stuff that's occurred to me since then. Additionally, rather than making the "Black Ops" idea I mentioned long ago into a separate project, I'll just roll it into the final version of the guide.

    I've also been talking to a publisher, and have arranged to get this, the final version of the guide published both electronically, and in real, tangible, hold-in-your-hands book format.

    I've got MS Word open on my machine as I type this post, and am editing, changing, re-arranging, and adding new material all this weekend to get the framework in place, so if anybody here has some ideas or "wish list" items you'd like to see in the final version, post here and let me know!

    (who is giddy almost beyond words that after three years of trying, the title of "Published Author" will soon be in my grasp!)

    PS: In addition to getting the final version of the guide published, my first fiction novel, "Guardians" will also be out soon! Whooo-Hoooo!

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    The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.

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    Congratulations Vel! I knew the day would come when you would finally get some money for your trouble. I think it's safe to say you deserve every penny.
    We're back!


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      Congrats Vel! I definitely look forward to the new improved guide!

      I had spent a few hours reformatting your previous guide (i.e. applied quick styles to the text and heads—I can't help myself, I'm a designer) and its now getting a bit dog-eared. I look forward to having a printed and bound version!!


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        Wow, congrats

        I really hope it's not the last guide. Maybe leave some possibility of another cyber improvement a few months down the line in case you suddenly think of something? Congrats again, sorry no suggestions, I'm stumped


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          YESSS!!! Great news!

          Way to go Vel!


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            Bravo, Vel!
            Could you maybe add some more notes about basic unit types, and meke the combat section more extencive?


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              The hell with the guide the best news of all is your success. Published author on two counts!!! My heart-felt congratulations my friend. All good things come to those who wait and persevere!!!


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                Not wanting to be picky, but....... when will the French and German versions be out, and is this, like, a remake or a patch, and.....

                Oh, it's not Firaxis, it's Vel

                Congratulations, brother, and like others have said, it's about time you saw some recompense for your efforts and imagination.



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                  I'll put it eloquently....


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                    For all of us: YES!! ::arm pumping up and down::

                    For Vel: Congrats!
                    Team 'Poly


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                      Thanks a million guys....and I can promise all sorts of new and unusual things in the works for the "pretty much final" smax guide (SMACed made a good point about leaving the door at least partway open ::grin:: )

                      Anyway, I'll be burning the proverbial midnight oil getting everything ready to firm timetable yet on when it'll be out and ready, but as I know dates, I'll definately keep everybody informed!

                      Oh, and in case you're curious as to what the fiction novel is about, here are some blurbs I've written up to go in various places on the website, book jacket, back cover, etc. and so forth....


                      Stephen Kane - Guardian Project: Online
                      All vital systems functioning within norm-op parameters
                      *Non-vital subsystem general failure - cause unknown*

                      Ward: Miranda Hoffman - Protect. Defend.

                      Target: Does not match any database entry. Analysis incomplete.

                      Hypothesis: Non-terrestrial life form - Categorize as extremely dangerous.

                      Risk Factors include no less than three undefined threat potentials from unknown life form.

                      Risk Analysis:
                      To Ward: Lethal - Probability of survival, Low
                      To Guardian Unit: Lethal - Probability of survival, Low

                      Risk to Guardian Unit acceptable. Mission green for best chance of survival of Ward. Initiate.

                      **End SysCheck**

                      Miranda Hoffman's ordinary life is shattered with the brutal murder of her
                      husband. Now the killer is coming for her. It. And whatever it is, it's no
                      ordinary killer. It is ancient. Tireless. Relentless. It can see through her eyes.
                      Feed on her fears. It seems unstoppable, and it wants her.

                      Her best hope for survival rests on the sturdy shoulders of Stephen Kane, a
                      protector unlike any other. But even his unique abilities may not be enough
                      to defeat a creature as old as history.

                      Their struggle will carry them from the sleepy heart of South Carolina to the
                      trackless Louisiana Bayous, and will test them and their limits as nothing
                      ever has before.

                      The Hunger: Alive for countless centuries. Relentless and insatiable. It has never tasted defeat.

                      Stephen Kane: Advanced prototype, genetically and cybernetically enhanced Human. Guardian Project. A man whose unyielding mission is to protect and defend.

                      Murder and obsession set these two figures on an inevitable collision course with only one possible outcome.

                      One must die.

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                      The list of published books grows. If you're curious to see what sort of stories I weave out, head to and do an author search for "Christopher Hartpence." Help support Candle'Bre, a game created by gamers FOR gamers. All proceeds from my published works go directly to the project.


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                        "Stephan Kane"?

                        Lol....vaguely familiar-sounding name there.


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                          Go, Vel! Congrats !
                          Shame I probably won't be able to buy the hardcopy (damn the shipping fees). That way I would have no excuse to reading the whole of it (that "independent style" reason I wrote to you about has become a null matter, since no real unification of style occured in the SMAC community, as I have feared).
                          And congrats on publishing the novel as well !


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                            Can't wait to see it. Was there anything about custom units in the guide? I like to see what will work and what won't. For the right price.
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                              Spray's got a point, was there any custom unit section in 3.0? I just looked, didn't look like it. Is my copy just handicapped ?

                              Great looking novel, Vel. Good luck!