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    He(she) knows how to create a group, But only for , please , go to a city, can you one create permanent group. Can one make(do) an attque of group.
    One deplacez a group can otherwise than(what) by using the G command, otherwise it cancels the group. I look for information how to use and create groups of units. Thank you.

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    Sorry I'm really trying to understand you here, but your post does not make any sense. Try in French maybe.


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      excuse me
      How can you create a group ?
      Can I attack with it ?
      Once the group is created, how can I move it?


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        If you have a manual, refer to pages 94, & 95 for the deatails of the "shift J" command to assemble a group and the "j" command to move a group. I believe that units still attack only individually when they are confronted with a target.
        summerising "shift J" you choose a unit to assemble a group on, make it active and enter "shift J" a dialouge or chekbox will appear allow you to exclude units from the group by type, status, and distance. All units not excluded will then assemble into the gruop, then you click OK box to asseble it where the active unit is now or click assemble at cursor box for them to assemble at the map square you now left click
        for move group, select a group, left click and drag to the location, enter "j" before releasing the drag. if the command is enter properly the green routeline shoulc cange to yellow.

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          I'm pretty sure groups were made for the artificial intelligence, but given to the player just because it was possible. I wouldn't really recomend using them. A human would be better off moving units by hand.
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