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    How works the business, in the menu of bases, it gives 1 has what.

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    Commerce? To be honest, I'm not sure. As far as I understand it, here goes.

    For each treaty or pact you have, your bases are paired in decreasing order of energy output with the other faction's - ie, your best base is paired with his best base etc. Commerce is then calculated based on the amount of energy, and the Commerce rating which alters due to Social Engineering and facilities. The left-hand side of the base screen then shows how much extra energy that base is receiving due to commerce, and also how much the base it is paired with is receiving.

    Anyone confirm, deny, complain about my understandability?
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      As far as I know, you're exactly correct.

      Certain "economic" technologies increase the base commerce rate by +1. (so if you were getting +2 energy and then discover a commerce tech, you'll get +3) Morgan gets a natrual +1 modifier as a faction ability, pacts double commerce and the Global Trade Pact council proposal doubles it again.

      There's good money in commerce, I tell ya!
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        Morgan with all his apparent weakness, can, after a payer has developed experience and skill, be very powerful through his commerce/income genrating ability. He using energy to replace prodution, and with probe teams, to spelace research and combat units.

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