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    PBEM I'm in, I've built the CA. Great - Aerospace Centers in every base. Couple of Empath copters taking on the mindworms and resting every second turn to get strength back to 100%. Right?

    Wrong. My aircraft are repairing at 10% per turn rested, regardless of the base they spend the turn in (i.e. the 50% damaged is 40% after 1 turn at rest).

    When I've built an Aerospace Center as a facility, (i.e. no CA) always my craft regenerate to 100% health after 1 turn at rest in the base with the Center.

    So what gives with these el-cheapo Aerospace Centers the CA gives you? Threw down so many runways they skimped on the repair bays and the mechanics?

    Anyone else noticed this?


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    No, it always worked fine for me.


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      Planes in a Cloudbase-powered base always recover full HP for me, too. Moreover, if I let a plane rest in one of my bases with no Aerospace Complex at all, I get 30% health back, not just 10%.

      Sounds like you've got something really weird going on....


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        Much embarrassment.

        Not a bug (well a really big bug) - a spore launcher in fact.

        Two were outside the bases that my aircraft were recuperating in, (which is why the craft were there in the first place, to handle the native life that had sprung up).

        Of course in PBEMs you don't see the native life actions unless you are last in turn (I wasn't), so I wasn't seeing them lobbing their fungal junk at the bases. The moment of revelation came when I saw between turns that I wasn't regenerating betond 50%.

        Moved to another base out of range, and next turn was 100%, (followed swiftly by spore removal)

        So the CA works as advertised (but obviously I don't - took me 3 turns and some posts to figure it out)



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          CB academies best value is for sattellite use, both producing them and alowing full use of their rescources.

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            Hey, don't feel bad. I had a MW in fungus right beside my base. It took out a former the first move, and my scout defender the second. On that move, I had built another former in the base.

            At this point, I hadn't identified the problem. (Just that nagging feeling at the beginning of the turn where it says "you have lost 1 battle this turn", and me thinking, "What battle?"

            When the former I had just built in the base came up to move, I still didn't realize that the base was otherwise undefended. Luckily, I moved down a road through the ZOC of the MW, so it showed itself. Also, luckily, I had a speeder in another base, only 3 squares away. Dead MW, and instant new defender.

            This just illustrates the need for sensors, and that initial scroll through your bases, to see if anything is amiss. With lots of bases, and units, I don't know how you would notice it though.

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              The CB is simply the coolest project ever! The HSA has been cut down to size a bit (although not a whole lot!), so I say the Cloudbase has taken it's place!

              * +25% attack to all air units! (+2 morale)
              * All air units can be repaired 100% when in your bases for a mere ONE turn!
              * +100% defense to all units in the base against the dreaded air attacks!
              * Immunity to drop attacks in EVERY base before orbital insertions!
              * Ability to build satalites in EVERY base once you get the tech!
              * All bases recieve FULL nutrient/mineral/energy benefits from satalites!
              * Comes early enough in the game to make a very signficant difference!
              * Saves a bunch of time/minerals/energy from having to build Aerospace Complexes in all your bases!
              * Aerospaces Complexes are immune to probe team destruction!
              * All of this... for ZERO support aside from the construction of the project itself!
              * One of the coolest videos in the game!
              * It has a quote from DOMAI, who is so underrepresented in this game that it's not even funny!

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                Don't forget +2 range to all air units, the reason I often build it even in an OCC.
                Team 'Poly


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                  And the really cool air-shows...