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where did my cities go?

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  • where did my cities go?

    I began a game as the Caretakers on a desktop and then transferred the game to my laptop. Usually this works fine, but this time as the caretakers, when the game loaded on my desktop all of my units power/hit point bars had turned black and there were no graphics for any of my cities (although the names were still there, they were black and terribly blurred). Literally, the base square itself was shown (rainy, rocky, etc.) but not the city. I activated the editor and looked at all the other cities and this was not the case with any of them. I had conquered the Usurpers: the bases that I had captured were also gone. However, Cult bases that I had captured were still there. If I clicked on the base square, I could access my city, as could I if I did the F-key.

    Figuring that this was some kind of display problem, I :

    1)changed from high-color to true-color (its a slow laptop)
    2)increased hardware acceleration
    3)reinitialized the drivers
    4)changed display size
    and none of these worked

    if nothing else works I'll reinstall the game but that takes awhile on my laptop. Any help with finding my bases?
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    I've run into a bug like this while making factions. Apparently it has something to do with the color options of each faction (in the lower left of the faction file) although I have no real clue why.

    I don't know of a cure, so you might have to start your game over or just live with it.
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      I run into this if the kids have been playing AOK and some other games right before me. Rebooting solves the problem for me. Might want to try safe mode, and see if you have the problem without anything else loaded. I think its a software graphics conflict with other programs.
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