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    In the current game I am playing something a little weird happened. I am playing a custom faction based ont the Pirates. Just a different name and pictures. Anyway, I was attempting to take a seabase that Yang had just took from Lal. I the situation was as follows.

    Yang had two missile foils. He used one to take the base from Lal. I was just outside his range with a Gattling crusier with marine detachment. I attacked Yang's missile crusier that was outside the base and captured it with the marine detachment. The next turn I say what the hell and attack the seabase with my crusier and I capture the missile foil inside the base but not the base. So I have a missle foil inside his base. I use the first missile foil I captured to enter the base but I don't enter cause I end up fighting the second missile foil I captured. So I end up killing one of my own ships. I'm like WTF. So I go back to the auto save and see it again. This time I capture the second foil and decide to wait a turn and see what happens. So the next turn Yang has a scout patrol with 50% health. The captured missle foil is gone. I get the base but it was kind of confusing.
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    The marine detachment thing is something annoying, and sometimes strange things happen.
    If You capture a ship inside a base, You not capture only the ship, but all other units in this base(I had a game where I captured around 20 needlejets by attacking a transport foil from my enemy), but You don't capture the base itsself (this seems unlogical for me.

    But You have the control over your units, despite they are in Your enemies base. So, in the turn after the capture it is possible to move them away from that base
    (infantry and rovers of course need a transport) and then attack that emptied base and take it. If Transport isn't avaliable, You can abandon them. Don't
    attack Your own troops in Your enemies base.

    I can sey exactly what happened to the vanished foil and the 50% damaged scout patrol, but this looks like Yang has build a scout-patrol in the base and someone else (Lal?) attacked the base, destroyed the foil and did collateral damage to the scout patrol.


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      Lal had a foil around. I don't know how it happened. I was just kind of confused about the whole thing. When I captured the foil I thought that that would be enough to take the base. So when I went back to the saved part I just waited for the turn to end. When I checked what was in the base, I had an infiltrator, my captured foil was not there and in its place was a lone defender with about 40 to 50% health. I didn't cry too much . I did get a base next to Yang and an extra missile foil.
      Which side are we on? We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We are evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that. --Saul Tigh


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        A simialler effect I have seen in the late game is my units appearing in enemy bases, and vice versa. Especially Miriams units.

        Once I was cleaning up the pirates with my gas gravships and I have two gravships within range of a pirate base which has no pirate garrison, but somehow (I sure as hell didn't fly it there) one of my gravships is in the pirate base. Anyway I attack the base with one of my gravships and my gravship in svens base defends, my attacking gravship wins and gasses the base correctly, but my other gravship (outside the base) has now been destroyed, so somehow one of my gravships has been recordered as both being in a location outside of any base and defending svens base, and when the defending clone dies the real one dies too!

        The other thing I have seen is Miriams (vendetta, not pacted) units appearing garrisoned inside my bases, I cant destroy them and my units inside my base go missing when miriams units are there, by fiddling around with other units I can move my units out of the base but they never appear in the garrison screen, or they appear as one unit, or as one of miriams units. Sometimes miriams units can even leave my base and start destroying my improvments, I'm terrified my units will go missing if I garrison them in the base, but by the same token I don't want one of miriams units to step out and step back in taking the base!!! starting the scenerio editor I can sometimes use "destroy all units" to remove miriams units but they reappear the next turn and my units go missing in the process.

        However now some of my gas choppers are now in Miriams bases! I can move them out and do some cleansing or whatsnot.

        Every time I have seen this it is late game and I have mostly conquered the planet, usually two or three other factions are left. I think miriam is particullary bad for me partly because she has lots of units but mainly because she is such a joke I don't bother destroying her earlier in the game. In every case these weird things have happened I have been able to easily replace any loses to this bug but it is a bit of a pain.