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How to make screenshots?

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  • How to make screenshots?

    I would like to make screenshots in certain situations (before/after PB, hehe), but don't know how.
    Print screen doesn't work.

    Who can help me?

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    It looks like you got the first step right. Typically, Printscreen puts the screenshot in your clipboard. You need to go into some other program such as paintbrush, or Word, and "paste"(cntl-v) the screenshot from the clipboard to that program. Then print from that program. Good Luck!
    Team 'Poly


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      There are also many shareware programs that make screenshot-taking much easier. I've been using a program called ScreenTaker v3.10, which I found on It only works if I re-set the screen resolution to be 16-bit, but other than that it does everything I need. I suggest you check out Winfiles (if you're using a PC, that is) and see if there are apps there that suit your needs.