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Improving AI terraforming.

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  • Improving AI terraforming.

    I've found a very easy way to improve the AI's terraforming, to almost par with a human player (atleast in the early game).

    Map settings:
    High Erosion
    Sparse rainfall

    And thats it, the whole map is almost entirely between 0 and 999 elevation, and is almost all arid, there is not much rockiness either. It is a complete no-brainer to build forest everywhere, and the no-brain AI terraformers do just that!

    Mines are built on rocky squares, but not anywhere else.

    They also build the odd condensor+farm combos (four in the latest game I'm playing) and they don't build a single blasted farm+solar panel combo. The final interesting effect is that basically every tile requires 2 movement points to enter, and incur a +50% defence bonus, creating better balance between rovers/infantry.

    So the AI terraforming is mines on rocky and forest everywhere else. I use that exact strategy often when running FM, especially on arid maps.

    Roads everywhere
    Don't build boreholes
    Not enough Condensors
    An AI player can be (even more) doomed if they fail to get cent eco in reasonable time (Miriam is especially prone to this)

    I can't say how much the AI's overall performance is improved in comparison to mine, but it does mean the AI territory is more productive when conquered.

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