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Req: Educational save files for Original SMAC?

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  • Req: Educational save files for Original SMAC?

    I was wondering if anyone could point me to, or post as a reply, save files or links to threads with save files for the original SMAC. I havent gotten my hands on SMAX, so I'm not able to see good examples of things like Sikander spacing, intelligent base spacing and base customization, what a chop'n'drop looks like.... could someone please help by volunteering some SMAC save files for me to play and/or study? Thanks!

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    One of my Hive games from a little while ago, when I was experimenting with a "fast" tech to restriction lifting. Four saves are included at various timepoints. It mostly shows my base layout, terraforming and expansion technique, with a bit of conquest strategy in the very last save.

    I dont think sane people use Sikander spacing but I know how it works and could play a game to illustrate it.
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      what is sikander spacing?
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        This post describes what is now known has sikander spacing, the thread also has various opinions on base spacing from many others.

        Heres another save game, Roleplaying the Gaians. Empire design is based almost entirely on ascetics rather than production or effeciency. The bases are spaced about as far apart as they can be while still being 1 turns movement for infantry on roads. All this save really illustrates is that you can still easily compete with the AI without abusing anything at all.
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          Why does no one "sane" use sikander spacing? While I have tried to read that post, I still have trouble figuring out how a sikander-based empire grows, expands, and is placed, lol... part of that is the savegame thing... Blake, with your game you posted, what technologies do you tend to go for? what rules do you tend to use when making your empire and terraforming? I never seem to build enough units -- are there some times where its especially relevant? When did you decide when to build what in your empire... really, I feel like I need to sit behind an experienced player and watch them go through a game while they explain what they are doing and why, lol...


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            Bump... anyone have anything to add?

            Also, Blake, what alpha.txt settings were you using for that hive game? How did you make that map so nice? Thanks...
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