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    Hello, I'm a newbie to the game. I have one question as the title suggests:

    Directed research? How do I turn it on! I have one game where I play as the usurpers and it is on, and others where it isn't so I originally thought it was an alien feature. How do I turn this on? I can't find it ANYWHERE in preferences.


    P.S: I tried searching and that is how I found out you cna turn it on, but no directions how to.

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    Welcome to SMAX!

    The Directed Research option has to be chosen when setting up a new game. Look for a Customize Rules option. One of the choices on this screen is Blind Research. Remove the "X" to turn on Directed Research.

    Both of the Alien factions use Directed Research regardless of whether Blind or Directed Research is selected.

    Hope this helps.
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