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Your aversion SE settings in real life?

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  • Your aversion SE settings in real life?

    What social engineering you would never ever do in real life? Much like how Morgan wouldn't use planned economics because he thinks it's uncool.

    This time the poll is about politics
    police state
    Just walk away.

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    Police State. Big Brother, mind your own business.
    Free Market and Wealth. The rich get richer while the poor get dead.
    Power and Thought Control. All [humans] are created equal. No one has any right to impose his will upon another.
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      everyone loves democracy... that is, until you're made a leader of the world (or you seize it). Then why should you give it up?
      I'd rather live under a fundamentalist regeime that a facist one. At least you can try to fit in with the fundamentalists.
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        I couldn't fit in with the fundamentalists. Why would it be harder to fit in with fascists than fundamentalists anyhow?
        Who exactly lives in the United Nations? If you are a hobo and you sleep in front of the U.N. building, does that count?


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          There's too few choices. To be honest, many of the SE settings would be pretty horrible to live under. My most hated, in order of vileness:

          1. Thought Control.
          2. Fundamentalism.
          3. Police State.
          4. Planned Economy.


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            I think I would rank 'Survival' and 'Frontier' right down there with the least pleasant of them to have to experience in the real world. Would you really want to have to deal with fending off dangerous wildlife in your backyard, wonder where your next meal is coming from or live in a wild-west world where everyone is packing pistols or clubs and acting a little crazy?


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              It would be exciting anyway

              I can't stand any kind of religious nut-heads, so I have an aversion to Fundy. I have never used this SE setting, and have never played as the Believers. I don't care if you think its good, I simply can't use it.

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                My aversions are gwillybj's own, verbatim.

                Actually, most of what gwillybj has so say whenever he chimes in mimicks my own feelings.

                It's nice to be well represented.
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                  I'd like to announce my complete aversion to Fundamentalism on behalf of my believing that everyone should be able to believe what they want to, and not what they don't want to.
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                    Why is thought control such a bad thing? At least we'd enjoy ourselves

                    Fundy, Survival, Democracy, Police State (but I repeat myself), Frontier
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                      Originally posted by TimeTraveler
                      I'd like to announce my complete aversion to Fundamentalism on behalf of my believing that everyone should be able to believe what they want to, and not what they don't want to.
                      Sounds like a Believer to me .


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                        Depends on what you're Fundy towards, IMO.
                        And I believe it was said that Police States need not neglect civil liberties?

                        I'm a pro-thought fanatic, (You WILL question my teachings! ) so I have to share something with the Fundys.


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                          Major aversions:

                          Fundamentalism: Blind faith and fanaticism retards the intellectual process. Any clergy that turns into a government (or as powerful as a government) tend to become hypocrites. And why should I renounce Buddha as my god when...

                          1. Buddha is NOT a god (or creator)

                          2. Buddha doesn't demand blind faith or worship.

                          3. I actively CHOSE to be Buddhist just as Christians and Muslims choose to be of their faiths. They can be what they are, only when they force it down the throats of others does it become a problem.

                          Free Market: This system can be summed up with one word: EXPLOITATION!!!!

                          - Exploitation of the lower classes
                          - Exploitation of the emotional and moral weakness of decadent, corrupt politicians
                          - Exploitation of the resources of a VERY fragile ecosystem

                          Wealth: See above.

                          Thought Control: Like fundamentalism, thought control forces an opinion on others. And when contrary opinions are suppressed, the intellectual process is retarded, and politically, socially and economically speaking, we cannot evolve any further.

                          As for minor aversions:

                          Police State: I am an extreme privacy freak. The concept that Big Brother is watching, and 'removing' anyone who thinks for themselves is a very scary concept in my books.

                          Planned: < Homer_mode > "In theory, Communism works..." < /Homer_mode > I used to think a planned economy would mean jobs for all. I used to think it would mean a utopia where all are equal. I realize now that if everyone was equal no matter what, people would tend to slack off and reduce the collective work ethic. It can only work in a brutal dictatorship that's no better than the corporations that exploit people across the globe on a daily basis.

                          Power: I'm all for self-defence and protecting the state from warmongering neighbours, but a state where each person has enough of an arsenal in their back sheds to equip their own regiments of infantry is a bit over the top. I would be more concerned about my neighbour next door than the neighbouring state. Especially given the intellectual state of humanity at this point.

                          Cybernetic: What if the machines go out of control and decide that humanity is nothing more than a mere annoyance? Yes, we've seen it in The Terminator, we've seen it in The Matrix and we've seen it in System Shock. But it is a simple lesson that we are lucky enough to be able to learn before the fatal mistake is made. Can we truly learn it? (sadly, it looks doubtful)
                          "Corporation, n, An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility." -- Ambrose Bierce
                          "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." -- Benjamin Franklin
                          "Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction." -- Thomas Jefferson


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                            Planned. Green. Simple. Frontier. Power. None. Thought Control.
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                              free market
                     i don't see wealth to be the same as free market.
                              thought control....unless i'm the thought controller