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  • Super science bases

    I usually make my HQ a super science base. So I concentrate all science/energy improving projects there (merchant exchange, supercollider, network backbone) and sometimes even energy credit improving ones (longevity vaccine...)

    Then one migth have luck and build this SSB on uranium plains? And energy convoys from boreholes around the map

    How many of you do this? What's your record in science production? (the triple energy bonus random effect doesn't count)

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    I'm confident that anyone who make an energy-park or Super Science City uses their capital to do so. I certainly do. I can't really recall what my highest per-turn energy income ever was, but since the most labs you can profitably use from a single base is equal to your current tech cost, there's definitely a point of vanishing return for lab production at your bases.

    Besides, most games I'm far more concerned about Energy credit and Mineral production than technology for the majority of the game. The few times I've played the game all the way to transcendence, then I've diverted a pile of resources to my tech capital, but in my typical games, the outcome has long been decided by that time.


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      Personally, I'd look more at which base CAN produce the most science, then move the HQ there (unless it's a serious periphery base). Work in reverse in short. But if it's a specialist base, does it matter as much? I guess it can't ever hurt.


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        I believe if the tech output of one base is more than the current per 1 advance tech cost, the excess is wasted, that a single base can only contribute to the research of one tech per trun.
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          That's not a problem - all you have to do is lower your labs allocation. I have had games where for the last 15-20 techs or so I was on 90% economy and still producing one tech per turn (on Librarian - I don't know if the difficulty affects the tech cost.)
          I usually build my superbase elsewhere than my capital. I never even thought of moving my headquarters, though. But I usually play Gaians, Green, Knowledge, so the difference is negligible anyhow.
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            The trick is to build TWO super-science-bases. If each one can produce a tech per turn... well the advantage is clear

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              The best for me must have been 14000 IIRC. And its better to have only one single base : SPs can be built only once. With Market Exchange, super collider, Spatial Elevator, Theory of Everything, etc... gatherd at the same base, you cumulate all the advantages. if science production is 10 for example, with super collider you get 20, and with super collider AND theory of everything you get 40, etc...

              If each one can produce a tech per turn... well the advantage is clear
              Well, if one can produce four tech a turn...
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                Originally posted by Pandemoniak

                Well, if one can produce four tech a turn...
                One base can only produce one tech per turn, as has been mentioned in this thread.


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                  I think I've observed that the Supercollider and Theory of Everything add their effects, rather than multiply.

                  That is, in a city with a net node, research hospital, and fusion lab, you have +150% research for 2.5x normal.

                  Add the Supercollider and that total is doubled to 5x normal. Add the Theory of Everything and I think the total is further increased by 100% to 7.5x normal.
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