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Where to buy SMAC for Linux?

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  • Where to buy SMAC for Linux?

    Can anyone help me find Planetary pack for Linux please?

    I found this site but it was sold out

    Also this

    $129.94 !!!


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    Dire Penguin,

    $129.94???? I was searching today and amazon was offereing it at $49 ish IIRC for Linux.

    I am in the process of evaluating some linux flavors and would also like to know where to get a cheap copy of my all time favorite game for use with Linux.

    I suppose Wine doesn't work with SMAC.
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      Ok, I did another search at the Amazon pages. I searched for "loki games" instead of "alpha centauri linux". And I found a used copy at for £20 ! It's on the way.

      I suppose Wine doesn't work with SMAC.

      I have never tried it myself, but I heard it's too buggy.


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        I am in the process of evaluating some linux flavors
        You scare me.

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          Make sure you try Gentoo Linux.

          It's the least newbie friendly distro though. Mainly because of the complex and time consuming install process. But the forum is great(, and you will probably find answers to most question you will have.

          Good, soon I don't have to boot into Windows to play SMAC, I have been getting these strange rashes latetly.......