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    After missing my chance to get SMACX before it went out of print I was happy to pick up the Laptop Collection yesterday. Obviously there's no printed documentation, but there's no PDF for the SMACX manual/booklet either. Is there a source for this anywhere? Or is it buried somewhere on the CD and I'm missing it?

    Bit weird that they included both the original as well as the Planetary Pack CD - doesn't the Planetary Pack contain everything? (Except the PDF of the original manual I suppose...)

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    Are you looking for the SMAC (Alpha Centauri) manual or the SMAX (Alien Crossfire) manual? The SMAC manual is on the first CD in the laptop collection (search for smac.pdf). The SMAX manual isn't on either CD.

    If you really want the SMAX manual, it's out there on the net. I found it after spending about half an hour with Google. I'm not going to post a link because the site where I found it is considered (at least on this forum) somewhat questionable. The SMAX manual (I have a hardcopy from the original release) isn't all that great. The readme.txt on the second laptop collection CD describes most of the changes.
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      Thanks, I thought it would be somewhere but I just wanted to check if there was a more legitimate source first. Kind of weird why it isn't included at least in electronic form, randomly they include the hardcopy of the Red Alert 2 manual in this collection but no others.