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    Darsnan and Rubin created a great document about editing Alpha(x).txt. (See Rubin's post in the Creation forum earlier today--10/20.) One of the techniques discussed in that document is how to enable sea formers to build sensors in ocean squares. However, my tests in the scenario editor seem to show the sea sensors confer no defensive bonus to nearby sea bases. Since we've seen other situations where different copies of SMAC/X behave differently, I was wondering if anyone else could test this behavior.
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    Just curious but were the sensors in your territoryb as the game defines territory. As I understand things, you can have a sensor two tiles off your coast and its totally useless. . ..

    You probably already thought of that and had a seabase nearby . . .
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      To definatively define the situation, using the Scenario Editor place a Sea Sensor in an ocean shelf square, then build a seabase on top of it. Build a defender in the seabase, and then place enemy units right next to it and attack. Either you get the Sea Sensor +25% advantage, or you don't.



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        Thanks for the kind words, Petek.

        I did a quick SMAC test using the scenario editor (I did not edit the alpha.txt). In the test sea bases did NOT receive ANY defensive bonus from ANY sensors -- neither land based nor sea based sensors. However, a sea sensor does confer a +25% defense bonus to a nearby land base.

        I'll update the Alpha/x Guide accordingly.

        (Edit: It would, of course, be nice if others could confirm these findings.)
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