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Most AI freindly game settings?

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    Ditto. Sorry about the triple post.
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      Q_Tip, What kind of machine do you have. I have a two year old Dell PII 350. It handles the game, even with large maps, quite well.

      I agree with you about "energy" factions having problems. I just had by b*tt handed to me by a custom faction name SIZ while playing another custom faction, Microsoft. Siz has a positive planet rating and Giain Psi (+50% offense and defense)and is immune to mind control. Gates has -1 morale (although +2 econ).

      To make a long story short, Gates has real problems with "very green" units up against Giain Psi and positive planet native life he apparently captured early in the game. I was virtually defenseless.

      I suspect Cha Dong and Lady Diedre herself would cause very similar problems to Bill Gates or his original game equivalent, Morgan. I think the only defense is to somehow stay far away from these folks, on a different planet if possible, until one can develop adequate defenses against the worms.
      So, for a real chanllenging game, play Morgan or Gates on a high fungus planet with every other faction planet friendly - Diedre, Cha Dong, Himmee, Siz, Santiago (high morale) and the Kef Guerillas. arch+from+The+Empire+Strikes+Back.ogg&wiki=en


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        I have a Celeron 400 and it sucks hard core. (Should have never let the GF order the thing on her own. By the time I knew the computer was in the apartment ) The rest of the machine is pretty good. I'm planning on puting a new motherboard and processor as soon as I have the cash but that could be a while. (Grad student=Poverty)

        Any way I'll give your native challenge a try after I finish up my current game (which has been pretty good actually but the tide is begining to turn in my favor).
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