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  • Facilities Bugs

    I have to report a short list of bugs which affect the base's facilities:

    1.Sound bugs
    All SMACX's facs have the wrong presentation sound file
    Orbital Power Trasmitter's SF instead of Aquafarm's SF.

    2.Color bugs
    All SMACX's icons are yellow-colored instead of normal color (covert ops center has a red icon hasn't?).
    The problem affects only the base's screen.
    I've noticed that also other facilities have the near-same problem (skunkworks, biology lab, for example).

    3.Secret Projects & Power-of-Faction Fac
    If a faction build (or capture) a SP what replace the use of a certain type of facilites what is the power-of-faction (Defense Perimeter for Hive, Energy Bank for Morgans, Naval Yard for Pirates etc.), the facility is evidenced as an "obsolete" fac that can be solded.

    This bugs don't affect the game seriusly, but I hope that in the next patch this errors would be fixed
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