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    This is more a philosphical, SE question than game related. Would it be realistic for more liberal groups to ppo up in the later years after Planetfall? Like pro-industrial Gaians or secualr Believers? If such a thing as AC were real I think that would be a possibility. What do you guys think?

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    Would you mind explaining in more detail what exactly you mean by "those more liberal groups poping up in later years" ?

    Are these supposed to be :

    (a) Just the same factions but whose social agendas (and therefore their values towards the planet and their disposition towards other factions) will undergo certain changes, following an "evolutionary" path (e.g. fundamentalist Believers to secular Believers) or
    (b) Completely new factions created by "schisms" within factions, in which case the new factions would follow their own path, with their own faction leaders and their own Social agendas, bearing no other resemblance with their "parent" faction (or any other faction) other than the need to survive, impose their ideals and/or dominate the planet ?